Fort Collins E-Bikes’ Conversions

E-bike conversions from Fort Collins E-Bikes are a cost-effective way to transform your current bike into a modern e-bike and improve your travels across the Front Range. We offer e-bike conversion pickup across Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Laporte, and more local cities. We make every step easy. Our bike to e-bike conversion team in Fort Collins has the technical mastery to offer a seamless conversion.

With our expertise, we can transform your existing bike into a powerful long-range e-bike, irrespective of its type or age. Whether you own a road bike, a comfortable cruiser bike, a rugged mountain bike, or even an old classic, our Fort Collins e-bike conversions will revolutionize your transportation options.

A Simple Process for E-Bike Conversions in Fort Collins

Our Fort Collins bike electric retrofit services can save you money on an e-bike and our team will work hard to make the whole process hassle-free. Take a look at how easy our conversion process is:

1. Finding the Right Parts

To begin the conversion process, we first need to identify the suitable style of conversion kit and battery for your bicycle. Don't worry if you're unsure about which kit and battery will work. Simply provide us with a top-down photo of the handlebar area and a side view picture of your bicycle. Additionally, please share the tire specifications listed on the sidewall of your tire. With this information, we can offer you precise guidance on the best kit that will seamlessly integrate with your bicycle.

2. Bike Pick up or Drop Off

After you contact our team for a bike to e-bike conversion in Fort Collins, we will schedule a time to pick up your bike or for you to drop it off to us. We pick up bikes across Fort Collins and the nearby towns of Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, and Laporte.

3. Conversion

Once we have your bike, our local team of e-bike conversion experts will start work right away. They will install an electric motor, batteries, throttle, pedal-assist sensor, and all other necessary components to transform your bike into an e-bike without changing your old bike’s design. Our bike electric retrofit services in Fort Collins are designed to give all the convenience and power of an e-bike without greatly altering the bike you love.

4.  E-Bike Delivery or Pick Up

After completing the conversion, we offer delivery of your new e-bike right to your doorstep in Fort Collins or the surrounding communities. Alternatively, you can choose to pick it up from our location. Whichever option you prefer, one of our Fort Collins e-bike conversion experts will explain each component installed and offer in-depth knowledge on the capabilities and operation of your new machine.

Custom E-Bike Conversions

While we pre-configure the bikes to be class II, limited to 20 mph and usable without pedaling, we offer the flexibility to customize your experience. Whether you desire a class III or class I e-bike, we can tailor the settings to align precisely with your preferences, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Rather than being bound to the selections and configurations set by larger retailers, an e-bike conversion enables you to enjoy your bike your way.

E-Bike Conversion Specifications

Our conversion kits are designed to be reliable, safe, and feature meticulous assembly and personal testing. Our kits are CE certified and they boast an IPX-4 waterproof rating, allowing you to confidently ride in heavy rain or wet slush without worry.

Our bikes are powered with 750 watt motors, which offer much more juice than many other electric bikes, which typically settle for 250 W or 500 W motors. Unless customization is requested, we pre-configure all bikes we convert to be class II. Class II bikes can reach up to 20 miles per hour. They also feature the useful ability to be used without pedaling. In Fort Collins, class I and II e-bikes are allowed on roads, bike lanes, and all paved trails. Class III e-bikes are not allowed on paved trails.

The batteries used at Fort Collins E-Bikes can comfortably take a 220 pound person up to 20 miles using only the motor and no pedaling, based on our extensive testing. The ultimate range of an e-bike battery depends on rider and cargo weight, the amount of pedaling, terrain and road conditions, the speed of travel, and other factors. A user could greatly extend the range of their batteries beyond 20 miles by avoiding hills and providing pedal assistance.