Why an E-bike?

Electric bikes from our Fort Collins company are a convenient, fun, and cheap way to get around cities across the Front Range. In Fort Collins, E-bikes are allowed on roads, bike lanes, and paved trails across the city. They are discouraged for use on sidewalks and prohibited only in dismount sidewalk zones. With an e-bike, you can get basically anywhere across town quickly. Electric bikes can also take routes and pathways that cars can’t, allowing them to beat cars to most destinations within a 3 mile radius. You don’t have to fight over parking with a bike, as bike parking is often underutilized in town and very quick and low stress to lock up.

Bike infrastructure in Fort Collins is pretty extensive and improving every year! You rarely have to integrate onto busy roads to reach your destination, which further reduces stress that driving a car causes. Oftentimes, you can take a scenic trail to your destination and see awesome plant and animal life on the way! For sightseeing, we recommend checking out the Fossil Ridge trail, the Spring Creek Trail, or the Poudre Trail during the warmer months!

In addition to being incredibly fun to ride, E-bikes are friendly to you and friendly to the environment. Electric bikes are a massive cost reduction compared to cars and have a minuscule carbon footprint comparatively as well. It can cost as low as $0.01 per mile to ride an ebike! They greatly reduce the costs of transportation and pollutants in the environment, even compared to electric cars. Electric bikes are far more space-efficient than cars and often take different roads, which eases and spreads out traffic for everyone in town. We believe widespread E-bike adoption can transform Fort Collins and other Front Range communities, improving both local traffic and environmental impact.

With a top speed of around 20 mph and the ability to pedal whenever you want, e-bikes are perfect for long and short commutes across town. Through extensive testing, we've determinted our batteries can take a 220 lb person 20+ miles comfortably, fully using the throttle and not pedaling at all. This range can increase massively based on how much you pedal, how fast you feel like going, and other factors! If you want exercise, e-bikes make it easy. The motor also makes it so you do not have to exhaust yourself getting to your destination and keeps you cooler on hot days. This is perfect for commutes to work and many other destinations where you don’t want to be tired out or sweaty.

Owning an e-bike has many advantages over other electric transportation options. With an electric bike from our Fort Collins team, you do not need to waste money every time you use a rental e-bike or bicycle. Also, you can take your electric bike wherever you want, without the range limits enforced by electric bike rental companies. Our e-bikes for sale in Fort Collins are generally much cheaper than comparative electric scooters and can go more places. E-bikes are just as nimble as regular bikes on the move. Unlike a moped or scooter, bumpy trails are no problem for the right electric bike. The ability to peddle when you want also makes these bikes more energy efficient and good for exercise.

Find the perfect e-bike for sale in Fort Collins or get an e-bike conversion with Fort Collins E-bikes and experience the many great benefits for yourself!

Why Use our Conversions?

Our conversion kits are CE certified, IPX-4 waterproof rated (you can ride even in pouring rain or wet slush), and tested by us, so you can be more confident in buying from us rather than online storefronts with unknown reputations. Our bikes are rated at 750 W, which is a lot peppier than many brands that go for 250 W or 500 W, and although we pre-configure the bike to be class II (limited to 20 mph, can be used regardless of if you’re pedaling), there is room for us to customize your experience and make it class III or class I instead, giving you exactly what you want instead of whatever the manufacturer thinks you might want out of the box.

Since we assemble the bike for you and have experience, you can be confident the job has been done right, as opposed to bikes shipped online which may have complex assembly required or performed by people who don’t put care into it. If you have a bike that fits you well but has been sitting in the garage collecting dust, you can keep it by using us to convert it into an awesome bike that will take you around town with confidence!

Additionally, if you ever want to upgrade your bike, the kit can be transferred to another bike fairly easily. If, down the line, a part wears out or breaks, our kits are designed to have easily replaceable parts that will continue to be supported through the years. This is a massive advantage that a conversion kit provides as opposed to a bike that comes in a box. It is extremely common for these bikes to have no product support, to the point of being impossible to fix when problems inevitably arise down the line. Many companies drop support for their electric bikes just a few years after they sell them, which is usually when repairs are needed.

No matter what you choose for your e-bike, our Fort Collins electric bike company makes the whole process easy. We offer local pickup and delivery services across Fort Collins and nearby Front Range communities.